We perform each project with experience & care.  We understand that each project is specific to its surrounding property grade & use case.  With years of installation experience, you can be assured that your project will be installed with the required knowledge & experience.  Swipe through all of the finishes offered for a visual reference & explanation.

Ask us how Concrete One Ltd can combine any of these services & finishes to bring your outdoor space to life.

Armor Stone

Make your statement…  Armor stones come in many different shapes & sizes.  Often placed as accent stones around your property or used to build full retaining walls.  Picked straight from the quarry… it doesn’t get any more natural.


Elegant & natural… flagstone is best used as a durable solution to resurface existing concrete that has proven to be a solid base (think veranda/porch, steps, and walkways).  Mortared & grouted in place... This is a premium product.  We exclusively use Banas Brand Natural Stone.

Interlocking Stone

Manufactured in a controlled plant & delivered to the job site to be placed, interlocking stone makes for a durable, beautiful stone surface with an endless selection of product.  The added maintenance of maintaining polymeric sand jointing is a direct trade off with being able to lift & re-lay your existing stone material for years to come.

Asphalt Paving

Durable & economical… Asphalt is a hot-mix product with an optimal application thickness of 3 inches. Rolled & compacted to grade it makes for a clean & maintenance free driveway surface at a reduced cost.  Pairing with Concrete or Stone curbs proves to be the best way to increase curb appeal while keeping budget in mind.

Smooth Finished Concrete

It’s all in the name… Concrete installed & finished using a smooth trowel.  This finish is great to keep clean & is used most where concrete is placed indoors (think garage floor, shed pad, basement floor, warehouse floor).

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

The original decorative Concrete finish… enhances curb appeal in a more subtle fashion.  In use for over 100 years, this technique takes what’s already mixed into the Concrete (the aggregate) and exposes its natural beauty.  Can be tinted with integral color to form a base tone…  add design cues such as accent borders & over hang steps to enhance the look.

Stamped Concrete

The go to decorative Concrete finish… enhances curb appeal using a natural stone design all while requiring significantly less maintenance than interlocking stone. Traditional Ashlar slate pattern or textured Italian slate finish with architectural saw-cuts available.  Choice of color & antiquing release required… add design cues such as accent borders & rock face nosing steps to enhance the look.

Plane & Colored Concrete Finishing

The classic Concrete finish… A clean & simple surface that requires little to no maintenance.  Outdoor applications finished in either broom or spin float design with tooled edge marks.  Add color to the process and enhance the look.  

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