The first thing people notice when they see a stamped concrete driveway or walkway is that it is very sleek and complementing to the home’s exterior.  It gives your home a “complete” overall look like wearing your best outfit with newly polished shoes.  The next thing that comes to mind is every homeowner’s question whenever they make important decisions about home improvement jobs, is it durable? Is there any type of maintenance required?  Since we’re in the business of home improvement and providing stamped concrete with excellent results, we can offer some expert advice on the durability and maintenance of stamped concrete.

Essentially stamped concrete is exactly how the name describes it. It is concrete that is poured into place and stamped with a pattern.  Most times, a dye can be added to the concrete to achieve a particular colour or shade in the design.

With the right expert, the installation of stamped concrete doesn’t have to mean that your home has to endure massive construction.  Installing stamped concrete is a matter of mixing, pouring, and stamping.  The real technique is the method to which the concrete is mixed which is why it is crucial to hire professionals.  Experts in the business will ensure the concrete contains the right amount of water versus cement powder to optimal results and to avoid the concrete being too dry or vice versa.

Stamped concrete is very easy to clean and requires no maintenance to require its pattern, colour, or design.  Once the job is complete, the look will not fade over time, however, just like any valuable piece to your home, it does require care.  It is not recommended to store heavy loads for long periods of time such as if you own a trailer that is not in use and sitting on top of your stamped concrete over months.  It’s always good to treat your stamped concrete driveway or walkway with care.  An added bonus is since the concrete is poured, it has no joints unlike brick or stone for weeds to grow through and not require any ongoing maintenance for this reason.

Stamped concrete is one of the longest lasting and durable paving materials available. It also seems to be an ever-growing choice amongst homeowners, understandably it’s a beautiful aesthetic to any home.  Also because it can mimic the look of stone or brick and typically for a more attractive cost.  When properly installed, it is highly resistant to cracking and with proper care, stamped concrete can last for decades.

If you’re thinking of moving forward with your next home improvement job and increasing the aesthetics of your home with stamped concrete, get in contact with Concrete One.  We provide quality work, competitive prices, and guaranteed work.

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