When looking for a paving and concrete company, regardless of whether you need commercial paving services or driveway paving, you want to make sure you’re making the right choice. While anyone can grab some cement and pour it out, only a certified and experienced paving and concrete contractor can do the job with professional care, the best materials, and an affordable rate to match. At Concrete One Ltd., we want you to be confident in your choice of paving and concrete contractor for your commercial jobs, so we’ve drawn up some sound advice to keep in mind when picking the people you want to deliver your commercial paving services.


Word of mouth is very important in the paving business. Your prospective paving company should be able to give examples of the work they’ve done. You should also speak to anyone you know, or can find, who has been on the receiving end of the company’s concrete paving services. If you know anyone who has used the company for paving a driveway, speak to them and get their opinion on how the company behaved. Did they show up on time? Was work completed as scheduled? Was the price reasonable? Did the workers behave professionally? Did the driveway paving hold up as promised after completion? If your source answers “no” to any of these, consider it a red flag.


If the paving contractor you’re considering has performed any commercial paving service, that means there’s a parking lot somewhere that’s ripe for personal inspection. Get the location and date of any commercial concrete paving work the company has done in the area and take some time to go and look it over yourself. Learn the date of when the paving was completed and see how well it has held up in the interim. Pay attention to any cracks and weeds that may be found within the concrete, as these could be signs of unsound work, especially if the parking lot was paved recently.


Look for paving and concrete companies that have long-term, experienced staff. If the company uses outside or temporary contractors, that could mean those who pour your concrete don’t have as much investment in the condition of the final product. You want workers who have been with the paving and concrete contractor for a long time, since that typically means their commitment to your work will be of a higher level. It also means the workers will have developed and honed commercial paving techniques alongside each other and can use those methods to better deliver your commercial paving service.


Concrete One Ltd. has been performing commercial paving and concrete construction and installation for over 30 years. We are a family-owned and operated paving company that has passed refined and proven techniques down through three generations, honing and improving every step of the way. Our aim to deliver quality, affordable workmanship shows in every commercial paving service we provide. More information on our paving and other concrete services can be found here. You can also contact us today for advice and a quote on your next commercial paving job.

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