Interlocking stone is a paving method that produces a unique look and texture similar to a finished jigsaw puzzle. It is also a much more involved installation process. Unlike tile, which is placed and mortared, interlocking stones need to be individually arranged, with the sand that serves as a bonding component needing to be carefully poured out in between each piece to ensure a smooth connection. Interlocking stone also requires more work to prepare the site prior to the actual installation. The result is worth it, however, as interlocking stone offers a level of style that other paving techniques simply can’t replicate.

In addition to a unique look and texture, interlocking stone installations are among the most resilient forms of paving. Concrete and tile surfaces are rigid, singular slabs and have no give as a result. If water seeps in and freezes, it will inevitably push the material apart and form cracks. Interlocking stone doesn’t suffer from this weakness thanks to the sand that forms the joints between each stone. The joints are compacted and able to withstand the straining that frost formation causes, absorbing the force and preventing the stone itself from cracking. When the weather warms up and the ice melts, the joints relax as if nothing ever happened.


Concrete One Ltd. is a family-owned and operated company that has been passing down and improving our techniques for over 30 years across three generations. We proudly stand by our methods of delivering beautiful, time- and cost-effective interlocking stone installations throughout Toronto and the GTA. The following are some of the techniques that encompass our interlocking services process:

  • Demolition and Excavation: We begin every interlocking installation by demolishing any existing pavement on the site and then excavating the layers of topsoil. The exact depth we dig to is dependent on the needs of the project, with higher weight requirements necessitating deeper excavation.
  • Compaction: The underlying surface is initially rough and uneven. We compact the sub-base to prevent it from shifting and creating uneven depressions once the stones are laid.
  • Layered Foundation: With the surface secure, we move on to pouring our custom angular sand mix to create a sturdy foundation. Concrete One Ltd.’s interlocking contractors use only the best materials in forming the foundation for your Toronto-area installation.
  • Shaping and Placing: This is the stage where the interlocking stones are placed. We use our high-quality machine cutters to shape each piece to match the desired pattern before carefully hand-placing them on the foundation. A form of edge restraint is also employed to keep the stones in place. Depending on the needs of the project, this could be a curb, a retaining wall, bond stone, or other method.
  • Sanding: We finish by pouring and compacting sand into the joints between each stone to create a flexible, beautifully finished product.

We at Concrete One Ltd. are time-proven experts who have been providing interlocking stone services and installations to the Toronto area for decades. Our interlocking contractors have a commitment to detail and customer satisfaction. That means we won’t be satisfied until you’re happy. Contact Concrete One Ltd. today to learn more about the different ways our concrete can work for your Toronto paving solutions.

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