A core part of any concrete project is finding affordable, quality services; but finding a concrete contractor that is dependable and honest can seem like a daunting task. Anyone can put up an ad or a flyer, and even licensed contractors can have poor work ethic. We at Concrete One Ltd. have been providing concrete foundation work and overall construction services to the GTA and beyond for thirty years across three generations. We believe strongly in the quality and affordability of our services, and that means we want you to know the best ways to find the right concrete contractor.aiming and placing concre


First, get a list of candidates. These can be from any source such as a page in the phone book, an internet site, or even a flyer you find in your mailbox. One of the better options when looking for possible concrete contractors is to ask friends in the area who have had their own concrete work done recently. If they were satisfied with their experience and found the concrete services affordable, you’ve got another contender!


Begin whittling down the list of possibilities with some basic inquiries. For instance, ask how long each candidate has been in the business—at least five years is a good minimum. Inquire about the last time they took a training class or seminar. Any date within the last two years shows they’re staying on top of techniques and industry developments.

Also ask about the type of insurance coverage they have. A responsible concrete contractor should have general liability insurance and auto insurance for their vehicles as well as accident insurance in case something happens on the property. Be wary of affordable-looking construction contractors without insurance. If something happens to a worker, the bill could land at your feet.


Get references, ideally at least three from the past year that you can contact or visit to see how the work was handled. If the concrete contractor has another work site currently active, consider dropping by to observe them in action. Remember to trust your gut instinct during this period—even if everything checks out, don’t go with someone you’re not comfortable with.


Make sure you understand the price quoted by a supposedly affordable concrete contractor. If you notice a quote being unusually lower than others, inquire about what specifically the contractor is doing to be able to provide the price. Remember, affordable services shouldn’t mean cheap practices. Don’t go with someone who will cut corners on your concrete foundation or other construction project.

When it comes time for the contract—and any reputable concrete contractor should use one—look it over. Make sure you understand all elements of the contract and ask either the contractor or a friend if you are unsure about certain parts.

A little bit of prudence combined with these tips is all you need to find the best, most affordable concrete contractor service for your projects. Who knows, you might even find us! For more tips about what to look for when planning various concrete projects, and more advice for finding contractors, look at our other articles here.

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