Concrete Installation By Season

Temperature has a vital role in the solidness and durability of concrete, and there is a time of year that is more beneficial for installing concrete driveways. Although it’s completely possible, it’s best to avoid blazing hot temperatures or freezing cold weather during the application of concrete.

Fall is the most stable time of year for installing your new concrete driveway. With the humidity finally out of the air, warm days and cooler nights, it provides optimal temperature for curing –  thus optimizing its durability and overall lifespan of your concrete driveway.

Why is temperature key to properly pouring concrete?

It’s up to the current outdoor temperature to determine how fast and how well the concrete material will dry. For example, if the weather is warm – similar to temperatures we experience in Ontario during the Fall –  the concrete material will dry quicker. Alternatively, if the weather is low or freezing, it may trigger the water content to freeze before the material has time to dry, causing the material to crack into pieces.

Have you ever seen a poor concrete job? 

Poor concrete applications show cracks through the walkway or driveway. This is an indication of concrete being poured during extreme hot or cold weather conditions. The installer likely didn’t use special equipment or required practices for installing concrete during extreme temperatures.

So, how is concrete installed during the winter?

Specialized tools and processes are used to install concrete during freezing temperatures.  Some of these tools include:

  • Warming blankets
  • Tents
  • Curing compound that is not water-based
  • Sprayers for the application of curing compound
  • Concrete pumps to speed up the placement during freezing weather
  • Ground heaters

Professionals like Concrete One work with concrete during extreme temperatures, so you can achieve the same great results as if the job was done in ideal temperatures. However, there are more techniques and equipment required for pouring concrete in cold weather. You may end up paying more in labour costs or material, which brings us back to the reason why Fall is the most stable time of year to get your concrete driveway completed.

For more information on concrete driveways, or to get a quote contact Concrete One Ltd. We offer customers a wide selection of stone and concrete options to meet your specific design needs. Whether you want something simple or elaborate, we have tailored solutions. Located in Woodbridge, near the Vaughan Sportsplex, we serve cities around Woodbridge and the GTA.

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