Looking to improve your home? Stamped or “patterned” concrete can increase your curb appeal or get you one step closer to achieving your dream home. Whether you are investing in your property as an asset or are working towards the home you have always dreamed of, these designs provide a cost effective alternative to other materials.

One of the chief virtues of stamped concrete patterns is its versatility. Whether you want to do work in your front yard, backyard or even indoors there are plenty of ways to incorporate these unique patterns.

How do stamped or patterned concrete services work?

To get its distinct look, patterned concrete is a different process from installing regular concrete. Concrete services that are required for your patterned concrete project include:

1)   Excavation – first the ground must be excavated and then any necessary alterations to drainage are made. Then the concrete is poured and smoothed out.

2)   Colouring – the next step is colouring the concrete. Adding colouring agents to the wet concrete allows you to order the concrete to your own unique tastes.

3)   Pattern Imprint – now that the concrete has been coloured to suit your design needs the pattern can be imprinted. Rubber mats are used to press patterns into the wet concrete. Jewel stone can also be used to create beautiful faux stone finishes.

4)   Sealing – finally the concrete is sealed and finished. Sealing the concrete further strengthens and protects it, thereby extending its life. Finishing using broom techniques will add grip to your new concrete surface.

What do stamped concrete patterns look like?

Stamped concrete services offer patterns that are highly customizable. In addition to the different possibilities in colour, stamped concrete can be made to look like any number of other materials. Stamped concrete can be patterned to resemble slate, cobblestone and even wood. Stamped concrete makes for an affordable alternative to these materials, which allows home and business owners to achieve their desired look on a tight budget.

The different applications of stamped concrete

Now that you have an idea of how customizable stamped concrete is, you probably have plenty of ideas on how it could improve your home or business. Here are some other suggestions:

Increase your curb appeal. Make your house stand out by creating a unique and beautiful driveway. The highly customizable nature of stamped concrete allows you to choose colours and patterns that match the look of your house and neighbourhood.

Landscaping. Improve your walkway to create an inviting and appealing entrance to your home or backyard. Use straight edged patterns to create a focused, charming walkway. Irregular patterns create interest and work nicely as patios or around the pool. Another great use for irregular patterns is to frame your garden with decorative surfaces like low walls and curbs.

Indoors. Concrete is also a cost effective option for garages and basements. These floors are durable and practical, especially for work spaces. Stamped patterns are great options for both finished and unfinished basements because the floor can be as stylish or functional as you like.

Whatever your needs, stamped concrete provides an adaptable, stylish and unique solution.

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